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Readings, professional mentoring and coaching

Updated: May 4, 2022

Noel provides online coaching support and mentoring to students and professionals of the esoteric sciences and those seeking a spiritual path through life using simple and successful meditative practices. Please don't ask for lucky numbers, when will I marry, or when will I win the lottery.

Did you know that you can use active imagination and Jungian psychodynamic, inner child and self-hypnosis techniques to work with the strengths and weaknesses highlighted in your astrology chart?

If you are interested, please email to discuss your needs and interests. It's recommended that you watch his Youtube videos, practice some of his meditations and/or read his books so that you know his approach to ensure it is compatible with your expectations and needs.

Mentoring, coaching and psychotherapy - $100 US per session - please make your payment through Paypal, thank you.

Astrology Readings - $US270 for two x one hour consultations - please make your payment through Paypal, thank you.

PayPal - my account name is:

Please pay prior to your consultation, thank you.

Email: - or use the contact form at the bottom of each page.

With your email please include your:

(1) birth date,

(2) birth place or closest city,

(3) birth time to within 10 minutes.

An accurate birth time is important so please make a big effort to discover your exact birth time.

Noel provides online astrology readings, consultations and mentoring to hobbyists, students of astrology, tarot, Taoist alchemy, shamanic//esoteric sciences and professionals wishing to include psychodynamic psychotherapy in their practice. If you are interested in a tarot reading it is preferred that it be included as part of a full astrology reading. Please mention this and any specific questions you would like answered as part of your inquiry.

Noel uses email as well as face to face consultations via Skype, Zoom or other video platform. This allows him to share his screen so that you can see your chart as he walks you through it. You can also save your session for viewing later.

Image - the author, Noel Eastwood, soaking up the morning sun after a freezing night in the Australian desert, Coober Pedy.

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