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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Do you want to know more about yourself? The most common reason people seek an astrology reading is basically to understand themselves better. If you are on the mystic's path then you will recognise how important it is to:

* examine and validate your personal history;

* come to terms with your upbringing and childhood trauma;

* find ways to heal your past be it as an adult, teenager or from infancy;

* examine and develop compatible spiritual meditations and practices;

* and to find a pathway through your conflicted and confused love life.

You will find that astrology can provide you with an indepth understanding of your strengths and weaknesses which will help guide your choices in love, career, spirituality, and in making major life decisions.

If you are seeking clarity on your spiritual direction, what Noel calls the 'mystic's path', you will be able to explore this in your sessions. Noel will explain the astrological archetypes most responsible for guiding you along your mystic's path which in turn will highlight where you can apply your inner healing.

You will be encouraged to:

* develop your own meditation practice which can incorporate specific archetypes;

* understand and heal the despair, alienation, and aloneness that you are experiencing in this confused and violent world;

* practice specific meditations that will help you 'love' yourself:

* rescue your wounded inner children and adults;

* develop specific alchemical meditations to harness your life force thus initiating and enhancing your spiritual experiences.

Noel provides online coaching support and mentoring to students and professionals of the esoteric sciences and those seeking a spiritual path through life using simple and successful meditative practices. There is a collection of free meditations on his website.

Did you know that you can use active imagination and Jungian psychodynamic, inner child, and self-hypnosis techniques to work with the strengths and weaknesses highlighted in your astrology chart?

Most of Noel's clients are already walking their spiritual path but are confused and dissatisfied with their progress. They are looking for insight into:

* their personal and interpersonal conflicts;

* clarity on the direction they should take;

* validation that they are on the right path;

* and most importantly they seek an experienced guide for their journey.

Many clients are wounded and lost and find that an astrology reading followed by mentoring can lead to inner healing which significantly advances their spiritual growth and life satisfaction.

Please don't ask for 'lucky numbers', 'when will I marry', or 'when will I win the lottery'. As a retired psychologist Noel prefers to stick to what he does best which is to highlight your psychological traits as an aid in healing and in guiding you along your mystic's path.

If you are interested, please email Noel to discuss your needs and interests. It is recommended that you watch his Youtube videos, practice his free meditations and/or read his books to ensure that his approach is compatible with your expectations and needs.

Mentoring, coaching and psychotherapy - $100 US per session - please make your payment through Paypal, thank you.

Astrology Readings - $US270 for two x one hour consultations - please make your payment through Paypal, thank you.

PayPal - Account name is:

Please pay prior to your consultation, thank you.

Email: - or use the contact form at the bottom of each page.

With your email please include your:

(1) birth date,

(2) birth place or closest city,

(3) birth time to within 10 minutes.

An accurate birth time is important so please make a big effort to discover your exact birth time.

Noel provides online astrology readings, consultations and mentoring to professionals, hobbyists, and students of astrology, and tarot. He also mentors clients who are walking the taoist alchemy/shamanic//esoteric sciences paths as well as professionals wishing to incorporate astrology and psychodynamic psychotherapy in their practice. If you are interested in a tarot reading it is preferred that it be included as part of a full astrology reading. Please mention this and any specific questions you would like answered as part of your inquiry.

Noel uses email as well as face to face consultations via Skype, Zoom or other video platform. This allows him to share his screen so that you can see your chart as he walks you through it. You can also record and save your session for viewing later.

Image - the author, Noel Eastwood, soaking up the morning sun after a freezing night in the Australian desert, Coober Pedy.

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