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Psychological Astrology series

Updated: Jan 1

I initially thought to write a series of books on astrology alone but I soon found that my personal and professional journey demanded that I include the many experiences I have had as a meditator, Taoist, astrologer and psychotherapist. This opened up an enormous vista allowing me to explore the rich psychological themes that my path through astrology has touched upon.

I have had the good fortune to have worked with many open-minded people who willingly shared their experiences and birth data. This allowed me to examine the themes that eventually led me to a deeper understanding of the links between astrology and psychology. This includes the Air Fire Phenomenon in mental health, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, neurosis and psychosis, meditation, and the astrological significators that suggest success as well as psychopathy.

Psychological Astrology and the Twelve Houses – 2015 - also in audiobook, narrated by Noel Eastwood

Psychological Astrology An Introduction – 2019 - also in audiobook, narrated by Noel Eastwood

Astrology of Health: Physical and Psychological Health in the Natal and Progressed Charts – 2016

Astrology, Tarot, Spirit: Musings Along The Tao - Volume 1 - 2020 - narrated by Noel Eastwood

Astrology, Tarot, Spirit: Musings Along The Tao - Volume 2 - 2021 - narrated by Noel Eastwood

All audiobooks are available through Payhip via a link to Bookfunnel - please read their blog to see how powerful the Bookfunnel app truly is.

Paperback books with colour prints inside - please go to Books page


"Great book, great teacher - As a practicing astrologer, I enjoyed this book immensely and learned much from his take the on psychological aspects of the craft. He explains things well and gives interesting and helpful examples which help tie it all together!"

"I was very excited to read his book because it takes on some intensely personal subject matter from a psychological perspective, which Noel is uniquely qualified to write about, since he is that rare combination (that I wish we had more of in the astrological world), a practicing psychologist and astrologer. His areas of expertise are Jungian and archetypal psychology, astrology, Tarot, and Taoist meditation, so he's well-versed in the realms of the psyche. My first impression, once I got started reading, is that this book is an ideal blend of serious subject matter handled with respect for the reader, with just enough astrologese for the basic-to-medium-advanced astrology student. Noel does not overwhelm you with the level of detail that is automatically off-putting for the beginner. You won't be scared picking up this book, in other words, if you aren't an astrology expert. This is book is for the person who (in my opinion) would be dissatisfied with the superficial or cookbook style astrology book and is looking for something that goes deeper, that explains the pieces of the self we don't usually discuss, even in the astrological world, but most people who want to understand their own (and others') psychology wish could be discussed with some depth and understanding of what's really going on in our psyches as expressed through our natal charts. Speaking as a professional astrologer, I personally got the most out of the very end of the book, where Noel discusses 'houses as psychological defenses.' If you read this book for nothing else, get it for the series of meditations Noel asks you to do; those on their own are very valuable (and I would suggest keeping a journal as you go, to capture your responses). A valuable book for the person looking for psychological self-awareness." AG

"... is on the exact topic i was curious about. Astrology is such a vast topic I'm trying to delve deeper into the meanings of each aspect and the houses and signs in them are a little confusing to me so this is exactly what I was looking for." KS

"I have studied astrology for years and buy a new book every now and then to enhance my understanding. This book is the first in a long time that really had me intrigued and learning (had my highlighter out!!). Eastwood's combination of astrology and psychology knowledge/experience makes the content easier to follow and provides a much deeper foundation on how to interpret the 12 houses, what's in them (and what's NOT) and other key influences. Looking forward to the next two books in this series!" J

"This book is exactly what I was looking for! Excellent information presented in an entertaining and logical way. For the serious student only, I would advise. I've been on the metaphysical road pretty much since birth & have studied astrology charts for over 25 years. This book truly helped me synthesize an enormous amount of facts and data that constantly swim around in my head. Noel Eastwood...Thank you, sir, for taking the time and making the effort to help students (like me!) on our sometimes strange and difficult (yet always amazing) personal journeys. For me, healing is the goal, knowledge is the path and application & practice are the keys. This book makes a great contribution and I look forward to more from this author/teacher." AS

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