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The Fool's Journey Through The Tarot series

Updated: May 8

I have enjoyed the challenge of portraying the Tarot Major and Minor Arcana suits in a story format that is both entertaining and enlightening. In aligning the story with each card and esoteric theme of the suit, readers have found that it brings the lessons of the tarot cards to life. To help facilitate this I have used the esoteric technique of scrying: meditating on the imagery and symbols within each card. These are described in Follin's meditations at the end of each chapter.

I have drawn upon the wisdom and techniques of the many esoteric practices to which I been exposed over the past forty-five years. Most importantly are the four elements of western esoteric tradition (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) and Taoist Alchemy which is demonstrated in many of the meditations the characters use to access their power.

The interpretations for the cards are mine and not everyone will agree, and that is fine. The magic of tarot is in the variance of interpretations for each of its symbols. For every Tarotist there is a unique interpretation based on their personal life experiences and pathway to Tarot. As always, seek your own insights and be true to your mystics quest, the Fool's Journey.

I hope that you enjoy each stage of Follin's mystic journey and may it help you along your own path, whether that be in Tarot interpretation, or the wider arena of personal development.

I have been fortunate in finding an incredible narrator in Johnathan Johns, his Cornish accent is a perfect match for the series. From Johnathan's website: "Dydh Da (Hello!) and thank you for visiting my website. You may be wondering 'what is a Cornish voice over?' Well, let me tell you! To start with it is nothing scary or mysterious. Cornwall is a County in the UK and when you are born here you are 'Cornish' and typically you have a West Country accent. I have a vast lineage all based in Cornwall. It seems my ancestors really liked it here and never left for over 500 years! That is how far back the records went anyway. I assume my ancestral heritage goes further than that still."

All audiobooks are available through Payhip via a link to Bookfunnel - please read their blog to see how powerful the Bookfunnel app truly is.

Reviews for the Fool's Journey

Amazing - WOW!!! This book is life changing ! I will forever come back to this book. A few times I even wanted to cry! This is like the esoteric version of the alchemist❤️

Fantastic Journey - This was most Educational & Enjoyable. It reminded me of listening to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. The delivery of the material was the perfect way for me to learn. It is written as a story and The Fool meets each archetype along the way. Each visit is about 5-9 minutes. I loved this so much I have purchased other audio books from this author 😍

Blessed is this gift. Thank you - May the author and all involved be blessed for providing this story of the tarot major arcana. Wonderful!

Very helpful - I’ve listen to this about 5 times already and each time it helps me understand the major arcana more.

The Fool’s Journey Through The Tarot Major Arcana – 2017 also in audiobook, narrated by Johnathan Johns

The Fool’s Journey Through the Tarot Pentacles– 2018 - 2nd Edition - also in audiobook, narrated by Johnathan Johns - from honest distributors only

The Fool’s Journey Through the Tarot Swords – 2018 – also in audiobook, narrated by Johnathan Johns - from honest distributors only

The Fool’s Journey Through the Tarot Cups – 2021 - also in audiobook, narrated by Johnathan Johns - from honest distributors only

The Fool’s Journey Through the Tarot Wands – 2022 - also in audiobook, narrated by Johnathan Johns - from honest distributors only

The Fool's Journey Through The Tarot Manual - in audiobook

The Fool's Journey is now complete and available direct from me: Payhip store (25% discount to subscribers).

Paperback books with colour prints: please click here to see the list of international booksellers. Amazon only print black and white.


"Amazing journey! By far one of my favorites, the narrator's voice had me fully engaged into the story. Definitely a must have." J

"Any adept of Tarot, who wishes to understand the meaning behind the Major Arcana, will find this book enlightening. After a decade-long practice with Tarot, I found this book one of the most refreshing and inspiring on the topic, and I recommend it to my Tarot students all the time. It is not a typical explanation of each card, but a story that reveals the hidden meaning behind each picture, and our own place within the journey of Major Arcana." PB

"I ordered and listened to this book at the perfect time. The lessons I learned immediately related to circumstances I would have to go through not even 7 hours later. The lesson I learned was about "Strength ". What I thought it was and what I learned about real Strength. I always became overly egotistical when insulted, well I learned brute force is not always the way and not to be committed to expectations from situations and outcomes. Don't fight it. Go with the energy. That 1 lesson changed my life! Thank you." JA

"I really enjoyed this audiobook, and I really wish that the others in the series of the Fool's Journey were also available in audio format." LM

"Wonderful Fairytale version of the Major Arcana.Great listen with the kids, enjoyable & inspiring. Informative on a simple level with a great intro & quote for each card." MT

"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book today. The narration is excellent and the content is amazing. It takes you to a deeper understanding of the Major Arcana. I highly recommend this book no matter how experienced or inexperienced a Tarot reader you are!" LY

"I am so glad this was available as an audiobook, it took the story to a whole other level. I really enjoyed the narration & will definitely listen more than once to really tap into the journey as my own. Thank you to the author & narrator." S

"Very insightful audiobook! Gives you a better understanding of the meaning of the fool in the tarot!" ACF

"Thank you for your wonderful books. I’m just finishing the Major Arcana and I’m a convert. Will be purchasing all in the series. Much appreciated." JG

"In October of 2009 Carl Jung's Red Book was released for the first time. Chronicling the great psychoanalyst's venture into his own subconscious, revealing fractal universes and personifications of unconscious material. A whole new world of its own. One that is not unlike the universal symbology embodied in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Noel Eastwood's delightful book, "The Fool's Journey through the Tarot Major Arcana," is unlike any other tool for learning about this centuries old symbology and how it can be meditated upon, and used to relate to the workings of our daily lives, and our own subconscious. It is a free-flowing, progressive adventure of the Fool through all of the other cards. Taking the simple Spirit he was conceived with, the Fool advances as he encounters each force and personality. A true "Hero's Journey," and one that every spiritual adventurist will love and recognize. The story sucked me in, and only spat me out at the end. I recommend this series as a companion to the works of Carl Jung, Anna Wise, Joseph Campbell, Paul Foster Case, J. Nigro Sansonese, and my own." FK

"I've read many of Noel's books on Astrology and tarot. I'm always amazed at how easily his writings lend themselves to being transformative to readers at any point along the Tao. His writings present the reader with a systematic approach to psychological and spiritual growth little matched in understanding and ease of use, than by other writers I can think of. If you are looking for a place to begin or enrich your journey, I'd recommend you follow the Fool in his journey through the Tarot." MR

"What a wonderful way to bring an easy and deep understanding of the major arcana. This book was enlightening and entertaining from start to finish. I'm definitely not a tarot student, or teacher. Far from it. But this book makes me want to learn. A whole new world has opened up for me. It's an odd feeling having epiphanies as I read, but that happened. Beautifully written and drawn, The Fool's Journey is a keeper!" KM

"This easy to understand text is not in any way simplistic; it's filled with deep meaning. This book will assist in your inward journey. Use it along with meditation to reach a better understanding of yourself and others." MR

"I really loved this book, I will be buying book 2 and 3 of this series for sure. As I was reading it helped me to reflect on my life and when I've been at each card and gave a lot of deeper meanings and shed some light on some of the cards I don't love to see when pulling for myself. not only that it truly kept me captivated and interested to see how Follin felt after getting to the world. Can't wait for his journey through the pentacles." C

"A magical journey through the tarot! Delightful to read - also, makes the tarot cards easier to learn/remember. I highly recommend this series - whether you are a beginner or advanced tarot reader." AC

"I really liked this story. I really brought to live the major arcana and I think when I pull my cards this narrative will make me smile as I reflect. I am very much looking forward to the other stories in the Kingdom of Tarot." MK

"I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook, for me it is insightfull and inspiring, I am using it as a personal leaning aid as I commence my own fools journey, it’s powerful and gifted narrative suits my own particular learning style, it also helps give my journey perspective and a sturdy framework, like the tarot." BC

"I have just finished reading this marvelous introduction to the Major Arcana as I followed Follin (The Fool) on his journey through the Tarot Empire. Noel takes a unique (at least to me) method to teaching the meanings of The Major Arcana cards by weaving together an interesting story about a journey taken by Follin. I have always had a rudimentary understanding of the Tarot (mostly through my profession), but thanks to this well told story I have come to see more to the cards then I had imagined existed. I found myself relating to Follin's journey on several levels (which was quite a revelation). Each story unveils new revelations about life to Follin at the same time explaining (in easy to understand prose, much like the use of parables) the meanings to each card. Each card has its own specific meaning and yet Noel manages to blend them all together into a seamless story. The cards all have interesting contributions to the "journey", my favorite cards were Death, The Hierophant and The Hermit. All in all, from beginning to end I enjoyed this very much and would recommend this read to those who enjoy a good read and/or have an interest in Tarot Major Acana cards." RD

‘Greetings. I just finished the Swords book on Follin's quest. If you have a release date for the Cups volume, I'll be more than happy to buy a copy as soon as it hits Amazon kindle. Thank you for writing such tales, they have really helped me understand tarot better.​I've been really trying to grasp the essence of Tarot for a few years because I plan to set up office and offer paid readings. And this is not an exaggeration, your books are just what many of us need, as we're usually people that can relate to Follin's struggle... I know for sure because I can actually feel it.​ Thank you for the awesome gift and the inspiration. You'll hear back from me when I get my much overdue success, and I'll make sure to honor your work through my own, and thanks again for bringing Follin to life​.’ AM

"I am really looking forward to the Cups book. I've listened to the Fools Journey 5 times, it's starting to sink in very well. You are an amazingly gifted writer to have come up with this story and have given the tarot a voice, words cannot describe my admiration. I am so grateful you crossed my path to help me understand these complex subjects, thank you." CM

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