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Free Podcasts + Meditations

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The list of free podcasts is small but will grow over time. These are located on my Bookfunnel site, you can access them for free. You will need to install their free app. Other podcasts linked below.

Podcast notes are located at the bottom of this blog.

Guided Meditations

There is also a collection of free meditations on my website or on Soundcloud:

- self-hypnosis to help you learn to relax, to fall asleep and for going really deep that will assist you in astral travel and a springboard for other experiences. You can also use self-hypnosis for problem solving and study as I did at university for my psychology degree.

- click here for my self-hypnosis podcast or here for the Coddiwompling self-hypnosis video that explains how to use your self-hypnosis to improve your life (an absolute must-listen for those on the mystic's path).

- a special guided meditation for emotional healing and to rescue your wounded soul (garden sanctuary).

- Taoist alchemy and healing which introduces the student of the Tao to accessing, generating and moving your life force (chi) through your body. This is a must for anyone wishing to learn how to generate chi and use it for shamanic, wicca and other spiritual practices.

- a deep meditation for healing and insight by utilising western alchemy with the energy of the pyramid, crystals and the four elements of western magic systems.

- a safe inner castle sanctuary where you can gently heal your inner selves as well as meet and work with your inner guides and archetypes.

- meet your inner Sun and Moon archetypes - a short guided meditation to help you connect with your inner archetypes starting with the two most powerful - Sun and Moon

- all of these guided meditations will act as a springboard for astral travel and other spiritual experiences.

Image - The Fool's Journey Through The Tarot series cover artwork by artist, Peta Fenton.


The magic of self-hypnosis - here I present my 40 plus years of experience of practice and teaching self-hypnosis for clinical and psychic use. The diagram I mention is linked below.

Astro-magic and the Egyptian magician-priests - podcast with Mika Leone. Mika is a long time friend who is also very invested In astrology, healing and all things esoteric. She invited me join her to talk about my latest project - ancient Egyptian magic, Hermeticism, the Key of Solomon and other grimoires that describe how to cast spells for making talismans and controlling spirits and demons, a short examination of the Catholic priests of the Renaissance period who were also astrologer magicians. It ends with how to connect with your own inner magic through the astrology archetypes.

Podcast Downloadable Notes

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