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"In meditation I noticed that below the mountain there was a river flowing with dirty brown water, it was so dirty it was almost mud. That was transiting Neptune who had begun to cross my Capricorn Ascendant. Neptune was trying to create flow and harmony in my life. Neptune was devastating, he washed away my bad habits and undermined my self esteem, he made me change by drowning me in my own strength. Yes, that was a very tough but valuable time." Trance Experiences With The Archetypes.
Noel Eastwood is a retired psychologist with over forty years professional experience in education and psychotherapy. Now a full-time author, he shares his lifelong interests in Taoist alchemy, depth Jungian psychotherapy, meditation, tai chi, astrology and tarot. A gifted storyteller, Noel's fiction and nonfiction works blend ancient wisdom and contemporary themes. His rollicking good storytelling, knowledge and hands-on experience in esoteria, provides a satisfying experience for his readers. Available in ebook, paperback and audiobook.

Pluto's Cave

Pluto's Cave is a metaphor for the portal that leads to the deep unconscious where be dragons who have emerged from your wounded inner selves and remain in pain. It also leads to magical wishing wells where your true potential remains hidden.

The insight and skills learned on this inner journey allows you to gain release from the chains that bind you to the suffering of this world.Your guide map is your astrology chart, your personal tarot readings and your meditations.

Are you ready to take your own inner journey?

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