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Pentacle-earth/material security

Pentacles-earth/material security


Reflection, take time to gaze on your work, we often fail to value our efforts until the task is complete. Admire your handwork and the fruits of your labour. Suggests that sometimes effort leads to disappointment, seek to find value in what you do.


Helping those in need, generosity, but be wise with how you share your resources, a balance is needed, give wisely. A valued gift needs to be weighed carefully by both giver and receiver.


A loss of resources be it emotional, financial, physical or mental. Two destitute friends ignore the salvation that is beside them. Is it ignorance or are they unable to see from their pain? Opportunity may be right beside you; wounded friends stick together.


Managing your wealth or resources places you above others, but be mindful that pride or greed may interfere with your otherwise sound judgment. Suggests that sometimes knowledge of your craft needs to be protected.


This is a card of mastering your skills, dedicated effort and participating in the process of completing a project, the joy in seeing a job well done, sharing a task with others.


Balance and the struggle to stay in harmony. If you have too many projects in your life it may be time to let go of one or more and spend that effort on completing a few of the others. It can also mean change in your life, most likely a financial one. Suggests the change point of fulfilling your material needs.


The Ace symbolizes a new beginning, and is often associated with new found wealth, not always of the monetary kind, a new physical  project begins and its success is supported by this card.


Lover of luxury and generous with her material fortunes, solutions for practical and financial matters; wise and generous in matters of managing a household. A master of feminine security and wealth.


Indicating a solid, steadfast and impartial individual, somewhat set in his ways, a desired partner in business to take responsibility for the hard long hours of work, dedicated and self disciplined.


A student eager to learn how to become financially secure, sharp minded and quick witted, good study skills, time to upgrade your own business and management skills. Suggests that a message related to your financial or other earthly query is on its way.


A happy home life, prosperity, good fortune, handing down wealth and wisdom to the next generation, decisions on managing finances, inheritance or legacy.


Financial independence, success through effort, slow and steady reaps the fruits of long years of toil, achievement, success and rewards. A successful craftsman or woman, mentor or adult.


Perseverance and dedication achieves success, concentrate on your task, it may be difficult but it will be worth it in the end, success through dedicated practice.


Wise and trustworthy, enjoys providing practical advise to those who ask, but can sometimes be possessive; contented and satisfied with himself, the best of hosts. A master of masculine security and wealth.
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