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major arcana

0. The Fool

The innocent beginning. Standing on the precipice of the unknown, the Fool is shown on the edge of a cliff, ignorant of the future. Living an optimistic life with no regret, the world is the Fool's oyster. He makes no decisions thus allowing life to unfold before him in it's own time and manner. Success through leaving well enough alone.

major arcana

1. The Magician

Depicted with the infinity character above his head, the Magician symbolizes discipline and the ability to make real change. He has a powerful focus giving him full control over his life. Master manipulator of the elements and the material world, the Magician forges his own universe from nothing. Success through innate creativity.

2. The High Priestess

Intuition and wisdom. She holds the secret of life in her hands. Be patient, meditate and some of her secrets might be revealed to you. She is your inner voice, listen in solitude and she will whisper to you. Success through intuition and meditation.

3. The Empress

The Empress is the earth mother providing security and comfort. She is nurturer and giver of blessings. Her world is the cycles of nature, beauty and perfection. She symbolizes fertility, birth, creation in all forms. Embrace her and she will bring happiness, abundance and wealth. Success through patience and gestation of programmed thought.

4. The Emperor

He is the essence of strength and power, controlling chaos to create order through setting of personal boundaries. His firm yet fair hand protects those under his rule. The Emperor symbolises security and authority. Success through order, structure and focused will.

5. The Hierophant

A holy man, he represents wisdom of all things and spirituality in particular. He is the teacher of initiaites in religious tradition and ceremonies. He dispenses sound advice to those in his group. Success through patient listening, contemplation, study and mentorship.

6. The Lovers

Connection with another, intertwined experiences, leading to dilemmas and hard choices. Fueled more by intuition than intelligence, the lovers struggle between two paths. The lover card represents the choice between stability and freedom in relationships of all kinds. Success through united effort, support and nurturing.

7.  The Chairot

The charioteer is pulled by two sphinxes, black being negative urges and white the positive urges of our emotions. If let loose on their own, they cannot be controlled and will take unknown paths. Held by the reins of the charioteer, the chariot is guided forward to achieve his goals. Success through courage, discipline and self control.

8.  Strength

A woman closing the jaws of a lion, she uses strength derived from not doing, wu wei of taoism, and innate wisdom to tame him. She demonstrates that passive strength can conquer even the hardest challenge. This card symbolizes discipline and control over emotions through the Taoist art of wu wei. Success through self discipline, dedication and determination through not doing.

9.  The Hermit

Withdrawing from the outside world and spending periods of time in solitude, the Hermit travels the inner realms and astral planes to learn to heal himself and others. He guides others to find and heal their inner selves that have been harmed, he helps them find inner peace and wisdom within themselves. Success through meditation and contemplation on inner paths least traveled.

10. Wheel of Fortune

Be happy when you see this card, a bright dawn is on the horizon. This is the card of Destiny, the wheel shows us that everything happens in a circle. A much needed change is in store or it might be time to take a risk. Success through laying solid foundations to reap the rewards later.

11. Justice

The Justice card is an indicator that you need balance. She is fair, rewards for good deeds, and punishment for poor choices. Seeing the Justice card may indicate an upcoming encounter with the legal system or a judgement you need to make yourself. Success through making considered, wise decisions.

12. The Hanged Man

Suspended upside down from a tree, smiling with his head illuminated in a gold aura, The Hanged Man has let go of his need to control to attain enlightenment. Surrender yourself, clear your head, look from a different perspective and the answers will come. Success through seeing situations from a different angle.

13. Death

Bringing major change, the Death card is not always doom and gloom as the picture indicates, it may suggest loss or sadness but not physical death. The Death card indicates transformation, the end of a dark night bringing the dawn of a new day. Endings signal new beginnings.

14. Temperance

Seeing the Temperance card means a need for moderation and balance in your life. Bringing people in to advise on a situation might be the best course of resolving it. Success through sensible actions, patience and good planning.

15. The Devil

The Devil holds us back and keeps us chained, but the shackles are lose, and we hold the keys. When this card appears, it indicates you need to explore your desires and needs. Success through rational decisions and a letting go of unrealistic desires. The card of transformation and renewal

16. The Tower

The Tower is shown crumbling and burning. This shedding of the old ways brings about sudden change. Leave behind fantasies and day dreams and concentrate on rebuilding the tower, bigger and better. Suggests that you are unprepared for what may be coming next. Success through proper preparation for sudden change by being adaptable and flexible.

17.  The Star

The Star card bring hope and leads you towards fulfilling your dreams. It suggests that you may be presented with an opportunity to follow a safer path. Seeing this card may also mean the end of a persistent illness. Success through acceptance and giving.

18.  The Moon

The moon card may be one of the most mysterious cards in the deck. When it appears be prepared for anything as nothing is what it seems. It represents illusions and dreams. Can indicate you need to get in touch with your inner wild-man or wild-woman. Success by cutting through illusions and setting a course by compass not by guess work or imagination.

19.  The Sun

An infant astride a white horse with a smiling sun beaming down upon him, the Sun card symbolizes triumph and accomplishment. The Sun is the giver of light and life and signals rebirth. Success through laughter and giving, the more you give the more you receive.

20.  Judgement

Time brings the past into the now, put off your judgment at your peril, slow down and think carefully then act rightly, learn to forgive your neighbour and yourself. Success through acknowledging your past and accepting honesty and integrity as the path to freedom.

21.  The World

The world is the last card in the deck and represents the end of a cycle, and perhaps its time for a well earned rest before the next cycle begins. Another journey will begin when you are ready for it. Success through completion, what goes around comes around, a time to enjoy your rewards.
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