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Two of Cups displays love and strong friendship, the couple are facing one another suggesting a deeper understanding, union and reconciliation.


Associated with love, emotions and relationships, suggests happiness at a new beginning or a greater understanding of an already existing relationship.


Disillusioned and upset, refusing to consider other possibilities, reflecting inward but not realising that events are still unfolding and there is more to come.


A gathering of friends having a good time, a celebration of some event, working together in trust and harmony.


Disappointed or sad at a loss, still to accept that the bridge to the other side is well within reach.


Looking back with fond memories, a sense of nostalgia, missing what you left behind, generosity and a joyfulness in giving.


Aspirations of grandeur, grasping at delusions, decisions need to be made yet you must consider them all carefully as not all are real or honorable.


It’s time to step in a new direction, and leave behind the things that hold you back, a fresh start or a journey that had been held off, self reflection, no regrets.


A sign that something you have been wishing for may be within your grasp, pleasure in gaining all that you have worked hard for, feeling of deep fulfillment achieving your goals.


Reaching a period in your life that is filled with joy and emotional security, rejoicing in the fulfillment of a dream, success and achievement.


The Page is imagination in its purest form, creative students, eager to learn, and gaining strength from knowledge, joyful and nurturing with friends and family.


Sitting upright on a white horse, calm and collected he signifies a considerate, loving and nurturing person, the bringer of good news.


Deeply insightful, emotional and charismatic, the Queen of Cups symbolizes the strength of our imaginations, she is empathic in nature, a woman of great compassion, feeling deeply the pain and suffering of others. Compassionate, nurturing and supportive.


 The King is a man of power and respect, he has compassion and the strength to deliver security and nurturing, generous, he gives of himself to help those he protects.
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