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ARIES  - chauvinistic, stelliums, forceful, violent, aggressive, energy, drive, willful, fight against wrong, what you see is what you get, honest and brutal in defence of own, courageous, cheerful, strong, competitive. They rarely hold a grudge and will forget an argument almost immediately, they can’t be upset for too long, life is just too fascinating for them. Can also be selfish, greedy, egotistical, impulsive, argumentative, restless energy.
TAURUS ♉ - practicality, persistent, reliable, hardworking, romantic, loyal, pleasant friendships, jolly, musical, artistic, patient beyond reason, possessive, materialistic, lazy, fat and slovenly, stubborn with tunnel vision, opinionated, inflexible, impatient and rude.


GEMINI ♊ - adaptive, quick thinking, intelligent, bright, generous, quick witted, humourous, malicious gossip, unreliable, con-artist, superficial, erratic, changeable, dishonest, bored, disorganised, mental anguish, worrier.


CANCER  - emotions, moon phases (full, new) may affect Cancerians, intuitive, loving, compassionate, nurturing, motherly, faithful, oversensitive, manipulative, gain through cunning, sideways motion to goals, vulnerable, controlling, clinging, moody, menstrual cycle, need to learn to let go of their children, fear not being needed.


LEO   - individualistic, independent, leadership, proud, confidence and lack of, sensual, romantic, attention seeking, heroic, generous, loving, loyal, dramatic, drama queen, actors, arrogant, authoritative, domineering, lazy, indulgent.


VIRGO   - service, perfectionism, practical, hard working, helpful, dependable, picky, nagging, unadventurous, cleanliness, narrow minded, pedantic.


LIBRA  - mediation, compromise, relationships, balance, harmony, charming, diplomatic, attraction, beauty, art, music, appreciation, balanced objectivity, indecisive, selfish.


SCORPIO  - evolution and transformation of spirit, crisis, destructiveness, revenge, creativity through rebirth, death defying, kundalini, tantric sex, secretive, moody, aggressive, intensity, controlling, passionate, resourceful, sarcastic, jealous, abandoned, betrayed, cruel, occultic interests, self destructive tendencies, personal power, intuitive.


SAGITTARIUS ♐ - philosophy, knowledge, honesty, independence, fun loving, generous, irresponsible, tactless, gambling, alcoholic, addictive, open minded, gregarious.


CAPRICORN  - ambition, achievement, goals, reality, determined, resourceful, reliable, dependable, responsible, organisation, pragmatic, boring, insecure, fearful, tunnel vision, moralistic.


AQUARIUS  ♒ - humanity, intuition, originality, ingenious, need for freedom, rebellion, eccentric, independent, inventive, revolutionary, solitary, unconventional, stress and tension


PISCES ♓ - disillusionment, confusion, illusion, dreams, spirituality, delusion, martyr, sacrifice, sensitivity, idealistic, sympathy, compassion, lost, imaginative, addictive personality, sleepy, unrealistic, abandonment, betrayal, suffering, morality and immorality.


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