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Swords-air/ Intellect



Initiation of decisive actions and firm beliefs, displaying clarity of mind and unlikely to fall for deceit. The Ace of Swords represents surety and mental clarity.


Potential options weigh heavily on the two of swords, doubt and uncertainty may bring confusion, sometimes the right choice is to not make a decision, when other cards appear favorably the Two can indicate appropriately careful choices. Often suggests that now is the time to wait for the right moment to act - and to then act swiftly and decisively. The change point in seeking clarity of intellect.


The ability to put problems to the side and continue with clear headed thought. Can indicate it is time to rest, contemplate and/or meditate. A time to seek a deeper connection with your soul, to recuperate ready for your next adventure.


Inwardly critical, also shows the ability to comprehend loss and grief as difficult as those processes may be. The Three may also suggest turning pain inwardly, embracing pain and loss as natural healing processes.


Taking more than what is rightfully yours, can also indicate losing inhibition and gaining success against opposition. Suggests that winning sometimes calls for deceitful actions.


Successful navigation away from a troubled past or issues, also indicates escaping towards positive possibilities and opportunities.


May symbolise betrayal and a desire to succeed regardless of the cost to others, can also indicate success against opposition. Suggests that a carefully thought out plan, ability to debate using an intelligent approach will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Swords-air/ intellect


Oppression and lack of control, blinded to events surrounding you. Can also indicate solitude imposed by others yet untouched and waiting for an appropriate time to move on. Suggests that right now you are not in a position to do anything, all you can do is to wait it out and act when able to.


Dismay, worry, dread, and fear, but this card can also indicate successfully enduring the process of loss and grief, allowing one to let go. A forced grieving to allow release so you can move forward.


All is done, exhausted you can do no more, yet the wheel of life continues to turn onwards into the new cycle of regeneration and new growth. A frightening card yet it suggests that the worst is over and soon you will begin preparation for the next adventure.


Sure of oneself, decisive, and insightful interpretation of any situation and the people involved. Suggests that a message relating to your query is on its way.


Confidant, sometimes impatient yet quite able to make intelligent decisions, the Knight of Swords brazenly approaches his foes on the battleground of the intellect, with success, if his over eagerness doesn't undo him.


Powerful and independence, deeply insightful, with keen critical thinking. Conquering the unknown and problem solving effortlessly, instills confidence. The master of the feminine intellect.


Disciplined strength of will and mind, authoritative in exemplifying the truth, instills strength and confidence in those who seek his support. The master of masculine thought.
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