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The Fools Journey Series
tarot cards

Noel Eastwood’s unique blend of rollicking good storytelling and the wisdom of the Tarot continues in the Fool's Journey series. In the tradition of The Alchemist, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Wizard of Earthsea...

Originally written for Tarot practitioners, The Fool’s Journey through the Tarot Major and Minor Arcana has also found a wider audience amongst those committed to personal growth.

This series focuses on Follin’s journey on the mystic’s path to knowledge through his direct experience with each of the Tarot archetypes. His experiences speak to The Fool in all of us as we make our own way through life, growing in maturity, wisdom and, ultimately, self acceptance.

Follin’s encounters with the Tarot archetypes not only illuminate the Tarot cards but tap into archetypal energies relevant today.

You can follow Follin on his journey through the Minor Arcana:

The Fool's Journey Through the Tarot Pentacles - book 2 - published, also in audiobook
The Fool's Journey Through the Tarot Swords - book 3 - published, also in audiobook
The Fool's Journey Through the Tarot Cups - book 4 - published, also in audiobook
The Fool's Journey Through the Tarot Wands - book 5 - published, also in audiobook

The Fool's Journey Through the Tarot Manual - published and in audiobook

"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book today. The narration is excellent and the content is amazing." LY

"I really liked this story it really brought to life the major arcana and I think when I pull my cards this narrative will make me smile as I reflect. I am very much looking forward to the other stories in the Kingdom of Tarot." MK

"I am so glad this was available as an audiobook, it took the story to a whole other level. I really enjoyed the narration & will definitely listen more than once to really tap into the journey as my own. Thank you to the author & narrator." S

"I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook, for me it is insightful and inspiring, I am using it as a personal learning aid as I commence my own fools journey, it’s powerful and gifted narrative suits my own particular learning style, it also helps give my journey perspective and a sturdy framework, like the tarot." BC

"Wonderful Fairytale version of the Major Arcana. Great listen with the kids, enjoyable & inspiring. Informative on a simple level with a great intro & quote for each card." MT

"I have just read the marvelous introduction to the Major Arcana as I followed Follin (The Fool) on his journey through the Tarot Empire. Noel takes a unique method to teaching the meanings of The Major Arcana cards by weaving together an interesting story about a journey taken by Follin... thanks to this well told story I have come to see more to the cards than I had imagined existed. I found myself relating to Follin's journey on several levels (which was quite a revelation). Each story unveils new revelations about life to Follin at the same time explaining (in easy to understand prose, much like the use of parables) the meanings to each card. Each card has it's own specific meaning and yet Noel manages to blend them all together into a seamless story. The cards all have interesting contributions to the "journey", my favorite cards were Death, The Hierophant and The Hermit. All in all, from beginning to end I enjoyed this very much and would recommend this read to those who enjoy a good read and/or have an interest in Tarot." RD

"I just finished the Swords book on Follin's quest, when Cups hits Amazon volume I'll buy it. Thank you for writing such tales they have really helped me understand tarot better.​ I've been trying to grasp the essence of Tarot for a few years and this is no exaggeration, your books are just what many of us need as we can relate to Follin's struggle. I know for sure because I can actually feel it.​ Thank you for this awesome gift and the inspiration - thanks again for bringing Follin to life​." AM

'A special thank you to Steven and Lorna Eastwood for helping me get this story told, love you.'

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