This card brings a new happy beginnings, an exciting opportunity is at hand. A new energy may motivate you to complete what you have started.


Courage to set out on a new journey and the will to further your life for the better of yourself and others. Determination to set out into the world to make your mark, or perhaps a decision is to be made yet you hold the answer in your hand.


This card symbolizes strength through solitude. The card depicts a lone man looking optimistically towards the horizon, carefully contemplating his next step.


Harmony and contentment. Well-deserved rest and recuperation after hard work and accomplishments.


The 5 of Wands suggests competition, a struggle to be on par or better than your peers, or a conflict of some kind that needs to be confronted. With other cards it may indicate struggle and success.


The card of victory, riding towards the end.  Inspired by your success, doubt has been dispelled and belief in yourself has been renewed.


Being successful can bring about problems that make it difficult to maintain a delicate balance. You will need all your strength to keep what you have worked so hard to attain. By facing your problems head on & with confidence and vigilance, you will be successful.


Quick action is needed to achieve something important. May indicate things are happening fast and with deliberation, taking too long to act may mean missing out on opportunities.


This card shows a young man, battered and bandaged with his chin up. He has fought a tough fight and now it’s time for him to rest and reflect, success in battle, success in maintaining what is rightfully yours.


Through success comes the burden to maintain it. The card shows a man carrying 10 wands towards a, perhaps to lighten the load or perhaps he is bringing home richly deserved rewards and winnings.


The Page exists to bring happiness and adventure, bringing a positive vibe to our world. If you see this card you are likely to receive good news.


The Knight signifies travel, progress and forward momentum. He is a courageous, fearless fighter. An important event will begin or conclude very quickly.


The Queen is a strong influence in your life and is shown with a black cat at her feet. She is a positive force.


The Ruler, The King sits on a throne with no top, symbolizing unlimited possibilities. He is strong minded, wise and loyal.