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Youtube blogs - Coddiwompling Along The Tao

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

This is Noel's low-tech, fire-side chat video blog that includes the topics that you are most interested in: astrology, tarot, Taoist alchemy, psychotherapy, self-hypnosis, meditation and all things esoteric. 'Author notes' explores his writing process, the background to his books, and his own personal experiences along the Tao.

The episodes are listed below, many include online notes so that you can follow along.

Please post a comment and Like, you are welcome to send Noel an email if you would like him to include a topic that you are interested in. Thank you for supporting your independent authors.


  1. An Introduction to The Fool's Journey Through The Tarot series

  2. The Fool card in Tarot, historical background and discussion points

  3. Jupiter + Saturn transit to the Ascendant

  4. The Magician from the Fool's Journey through the Tarot

  5. Jupiter/Saturn transits through the chart

  6. The High Priestess, from the Fool's Journey Through The Tarot

  7. Taoist Alchemy, walking the mystic's path to enlightenment

  8. Middle Pillar meditation from the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn

  9. The Empress and The Emperor from the Fool's Journey Through The Tarot

  10. The Psychic or Psychological Houses - 4th, 8th and 12th

  11. Reading a child's chart + their strengths and weaknesses

  12. The Hierophant, Tarot and the mystic's path

  13. The story behind writing the Fool's Journey Through The Tarot Pentacles book

  14. The Magic of Self-hypnosis

  15. Tarot Lovers card, its many faces of romance, sex, tantra, kundalini + enlightenment

  16. Harry Potter Vs the Tarot Fool

  17. Standing meditation of Tai Chi - Taoist alchemy

  18. Alpha Omega - the cocoon meditation, a springboard for altered states

  19. The Chariot - power card of the Tarot

  20. How to identify your chart's rulers - Planets

  21. Meet your Sun + Moon in meditation

  22. Your Sun + Moon - an audio meditation

  23. Justice Tarot - how important is it?

  24. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pluto in Capricorn and the rise of the dictator

  25. Don't Ignore Transits to your Ascendant

  26. How to find the Dominant Sign in your Astrology Chart

  27. Introduction to psychopaths, success + mental health in the chart

  28. Harnessing the power of Chiron the wounded healer

  29. Interview with Taylor O'Brien - My background in astrology and psychotherapy.

  30. ADD, ADHD, learning difficulties, behaviour problems, autism, and other childhood issues - with Taylor O'Brien

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