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Guided Meditations

Updated: May 2, 2022

Self-hypnosis helps set up your inner portal for emotional healing as well as psychic and spiritual development. The process I use in these audios are what I have used since I was a teenager starting out along this path and as a psychotherapist. It has stood the test of time and helped thousands of meditators and practitioners.

Listen to your favourite meditations direct from my website, just click the links.

Self-hypnosis - ocean waves for deep relaxation, the doorway to physical healing, inner child healing and engaging with the inner world of your psyche.

This is an earlier version that is more suited to very deep states and healing. I

almost fell asleep listening to it while editing just now. Ideal for astral travel. Includes the trigger phrase to induce that calm self-hypnotic state; your healing sanctuary; inner hug; goal-setting and problem-solving.

I recommend that you visit my Youtube channel and watch Episode 14 The Magic of Self-hypnosis, which goes into depth in explaining the power of self-hypnosis and the various trance states - you'll love it.

Emotional healing - the gentle garden sanctuary and cocoon meditation

Healing trauma the gentle way. One of the earliest meditations that I created for those I worked with to help them in healing the conflict and trauma in their lives. A popular and gentle meditation for healing your soul.

Archetypal sanctuary meditation - your inner castle archetypes, ideal for healing your wounded psyche.

This meditation taps into the specific archetypes that may help you manage stress, confrontation, security issues and handling conflict in your life.

I have drawn upon the concept of an inner castle to protect your soft, gentle psyche, to protect you while you heal and become stronger. A short but powerful meditation that you can use in conjunction with your other meditations.

Healing Meditation for those seeking insight as well as healing. This meditation is designed to help you access healing through several processes - the pyramid, crystals, and the four esoteric elements of earth, air, water and fire. An experiental meditation for those looking for something special.

The 4 elements tie in nicely with the four Tarot suits that correspond with the four elements of western magic. This is what our hero, Follin, experiences in The Fool's Journey Through The Tarot series, so check it out.

Earth - Pentacles

Air - Swords

Water - Cups

Fire - Wands

Healing by engaging and harnessing your chi or life force - power plus healing. This meditation uses deep relaxation and specific breathing techniques to arouse your life-force and guide your healing energy. This comes from way back in my past when I did a lot of hands-on healing. It combines deep state relaxation, chi kung, nei kung, Taoist alchemy and healing, Jungian psychotherapy and self-hypnotic techniques.

A short, easy meditation that walks you though your initial meeting with the two most powerful archetypes in your inner world. Also visit my Youtube channel for an introduction to these two archetypes.

Noel Eastwood is a retired psychologist with over forty years professional experience in education and psychotherapy. Now a full-time author, he shares his lifelong passions in Taoist alchemy, depth Jungian psychotherapy, meditation, tai chi, astrology and tarot. A gifted storyteller, Noel's fiction and nonfiction works blend ancient wisdom and contemporary themes. His rollicking good storytelling, knowledge and hands-on experience in esoteria, provides a satisfying experience for his readers. Available in ebook, paperback and audiobook. Thank you for supporting your favourite independent authors and narrators.

Image: with gratitude, photo by Druid, Peter Cato, the Milky Way Galactic centre. OOB image by artist, Anthony Jones. Both artists are natives of Nowra, south coast NSW, Australia.

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