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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Link to recommended books and websites.

The best books for learning psychological astrology - my list of the best books for you to get started and to deep dive into your studies.

Audiblegate - the story of Amazon/Audible's predatory practice and why you should join independent authors and narrators in our fight to win justice. Includes links to podcast, Youtube channel and articles/blogs.

Astrologers forum - includes my student section.

Create your charts online at - 50% discount code - PRGEND50

Enter the code on the final page before PayPal in the promo box field. There are other online sites with free astrology chart creators - but this one is the best. I don't make any money from this promotion. The sites use Solarfire which is what I use and why I recommend it.

Climate Change - Professor Guy McPherson, the only climate scientist worth listening to.

Tarot - early tarot discussions, dance of death, good material on history of tarot here.

The asteroids in astrology - useful material here.

The Man Who Saw The Future - A Biography of William Lilly. The 17th-Century Astrologer who Changed the Course of the English Civil War. by Dr. Catherine Blackledge

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback as a Tool to Reduce Stress - An in-depth look at using heart rate variability biofeedback with slow breathing to reduce stress, enhance athletic performance and provide therapeutic support for some chronic health issues.

'The Inner Guide Meditation' by Edwin Steinbrecher (1982) - book

Astro-magic and the Egyptian magician-priests - podcast with astrologer and healer, Mika Leone. Mika is a long time friend who is also heavily invested in all things esoteric. She invited me join her to talk about my latest project - ancient Egyptian magic, Hermeticism, the Keys of Solomon and other grimoires that describe how to cast spells for making talismans and controlling spirits and demons, a short examination of the Catholic priests of the Renaissance period who were also astrologer magicians. It ends with how to connect with your own inner magic through the astrology archetypes.

Interview with Taylor O'Brien - my background in astrology and psychotherapy - Taylor generously invited me to join her on her Youtube channel. I am sure that you will enjoy this lively presentation. I was fortunate that Taylor, another lovely Leo, was able to keep me focused and on track with her great questions and comments.

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